Mayor of Sarajevo



Mayor Karić was born in 1991 in Sarajevo. She graduated from the Faculty of Law,  University of Sarajevo in 2013, and received her master’s degree from the Faculty of  Law, University of Sarajevo in 2014. While studying in parallel, in 2015 she graduated  from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, Department of History. In  2018, she received her PhD from the Faculty of Law, University of Zenica, Department  of History of State and Law. She is the youngest doctor of law in Bosnia and  Herzegovina and the first post-war doctor of classical Roman law. She actively speaks  English and German. She is the author of over fifty publications, books, articles, and  translations and reviews. She has won several awards for exceptional commitment  and contribution to the development of teaching and research. Karić has been Mayor  of Sarajevo since 2021. 

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