Emre Eren Korkmaz


Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz is a faculty member at the Faculty of International Development at Oxford University. After graduating from the Faculty of Political Sciences of Istanbul University in 2016, he joined the academic staff at Oxford University. His research interests are on cutting-edge technologies, digital transformation, development and migration. 

He has a research-consulting company called the Oxford Center for Technology and Development, which he founded with the encouragement of Oxford University. He has managed research projects supported by many institutions such as EBRD, Red Cross Federation, ICMPD, and Facebook.

He is currently managing a blockchain-based digital identity project and a project to increase the financial access of disadvantaged communities through big data analysis, with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and EBRD. He will soon start a new project on social entrepreneurship with IMM.

In 2020, he prepared a study on Digital Citizenship in Turkey with the support of Facebook. In 2019, he prepared a report on digital transformation in local governments in Turkey.

He continues his studies on the use of cutting-edge technologies such as digital transformation, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and blockchain in local governments and their social and economic consequences. 

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