Mayor of Pula

Filip Zoričić


Filip Zoričić is the Mayor of Pula. He is a professor mentor of Croatian language and literature and history. He has a PhD in interdisciplinary humanities. He obtained his PhD degree with a thesis on the ideas and life of Vlado Gotovac. He was a principal of the Pula Gymnasium highschool, president of the association “Institut Mediteran” and is the founder of the Memo museum in Pula. He is a member of the Academy for Political Development of the Council of Europe, member of the Croatian cultural institution “Matica hrvatska”, of the Institute Vlado Gotovac and of the Historical Society of Istria. He is an Alumni of the American Association for Young Political Leaders (ACYPL), Vice President of the Association of Employers in Education at the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP), member of the Association of Croatian School Principals. He was an independent councilor at the local committee “Stari grad” in Pula. He is married and father of two children. up

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