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29 Kasım 2021 at 18:00 - 18:30

  • The T5 Eminönü–Alibeyköy Coach Station tram line is a tram line following the coastline of the Golden Horn (Haliç) on the European side of Istanbul.
  • Construction of the line began in 2016. The first phase consisting of 12 stations between Cibali and Alibeyköy Coach Station at a length of 8.8 kilometers was officially opened on 1 January 2021.
  • When completed, the whole line will be 10.1 kilometers long with 14 stations, each being 60 meters long.
  • The line is expected to carry up to 114,000 passengers a day with its 30 trains. Its route mostly follows the western coastline of the Golden Horn and is built on the bank next to the existing Street offering beautiful views to its passengers. In some places, it crosses
    the water on piles. The total travel time will be 35 minutes.
  • Electrification is from power lines embedded in the ground between the tracks to avoid visual pollution, a difference from existing tram lines in the city, which have traditional overhead wires suspended from roadside posts.

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