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Event Date:
29 Kasım 2021 at 16:30 - 17:30

  • Opened in November 2021, Kemerburgaz Biomethanation Plant will approximately process and convert annually 1 million tons of waste.
  • The wasted food, including vegetables, fruits, and expired packaged food, will be collected at several points, such as universities, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, military and social facilities, and large markets throughout Istanbul. This is a considerable amount as the city’s population is now over 16 million people.
  • 78 megawatt-hours of electrical energy will be generated in the facility, which will supply all the internal needs of the facility and the electricity demands of 1.4 million households.
  • The plant will also contribute to the transformation process of Istanbul into a carbon-neutral and climate crisis-resistant city by 2050 in line with the climate vision of Istanbul just declared by Mayor İmamoğlu on November 5.
  • In line with this vision, the Turkish city targets the conversion of 95 percent of the garbage gas from the disposed waste into energy and 100 percent recycling of organic waste by composting. 

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