The B40 Balkan Cities Network is committed to fostering an inclusive and egalitarian understanding, respecting diversity, and producing integrated solutions for the common problems of local governments in the Balkans. By strengthening cooperation among the Balkan cities, we aim to contribute to the environment of peace and unity.

Our network is also dedicated to enhancing the leadership of local governments to develop solutions to the problems of cities in the international arena and to solve global problems.

We welcome the participation of all local governments in the Balkans Region. The membership process begins with submitting the required documents for the membership application to the Permanent Secretariat.

As a member of the B40 Balkan Cities Network, you will have access to numerous opportunities, including the exchange of best practices, peer-to-peer learning, capacity building, and networking opportunities.

To join our network, please contact the Permanent Secretariat via e-mail here to begin the membership application process. Our team is always ready to support and guide you throughout the membership process.

Thank you for considering membership in the B40 Balkan Cities Network. We look forward to working with you and your city to create a more sustainable, peaceful, and united Balkan region.

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