Mayor of Çanakkale



Ülgür GÖKHAN, Mayor of Çanakkale was born in 1950 in Çanakkale as member of a long
established and social democrat family. Since his childhood education, he has grown as a
republican tightly bound to democracy and Atatürk principles. His education started in
Çanakkale and continued at Galatasaray High School in İstanbul.
His owned values coinciding and combining with the progressive democratic line of
Galatasaray High School, and his university education which started in 1975 at Ankara
University, Department of Civil Service (Mülkiye), had a major influence on his political life
and his administrative approach.
When he went to Ankara for his university education, he had the opportunity to meet Hale
GÖKHAN who later became his wife and supported him in all their life.
GÖKHAN family has a son and a daughter, still growing with new members.
Ülgür GÖKHAN joined the political life and started to gain a great experience in local
government affairs by becoming first Member of the City Council from SHP, during the local
elections in 1989 then moved to the position of Founding Chairman of CHP in Çanakkale
when the latter was re-established in 1992.
With the political knowledge and experience he has acquired, again in the local elections of
1999, he became Member of Municipality Council from CHP.
In 2002, he was elected Mayor of Çanakkale by the Minority Council as the position became
vacant due to the actual mayor’s candidacy for the Parliament.
After the elections held in the Municipality Council, he continued his successful management
of the city until the year of 2004.
Because of the ongoing demand on his administrative continuation, both from the city folks
and from his party organization, he claimed for a reassignment from the citizens using the
motto ‘First Human then Mayor’.
With the vision of “Çanakkale Municipality Governs the Modern City of Peace”, he defended
and protected all the values of the city and put great effort to enhance them.
In the local elections of 2009, using the mottto “I am here for a better liveable Çanakkale” he
again claimed for a reassignment. With great support of the citizens, he became once again
the representative of the city and the citizens. Urban infrastructure problems largely solved
during his office, the city has enjoyed significant environmental investments, new living
spaces and more comfortable urban design projects.
In 2014 and 2019, he was selected again by his party as the candidate for local elections
and beated his vote record using the slogan ‘I trust myself as well as my City’ and re-became
the Mayor Çanakkale, City of Peace and Freedoms.
Mayor Gökhan is aware of the great responsibility present on his shoulders and with the
power of love and trust of the citizens, he has been working non-stop in order to make out of
the people of Çanakkale happier citizens and Çanakkale to grow and protect the owned
Not only with his political identity, the Mayor GÖKHAN served the city also as a business
man offering value-added services and creating jobs. He served in the Management
Councils of Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry and served in the Management
Board of Çanakkale Sports Club. He became former president of Rotary Club. He is the
member of Union of Galatasaray Alumni Associations and Council Member of GS Sports
Club. Also he is the Council Member of Association of Historic Towns. Throughout his office,
he has been honored with various awards from various institutions, both sports & works in
the field of culture, including the mayor of the year award.
Mayor GÖKHAN carries on his office and raises the existing values of the city with the
understanding of governing Çanakkale, the City of Peace with the citizens from different
political, cultural and ethnic structures enriching the city with their own colors, where no one
marginalizes the other and where everyone has a right to say.

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