Mayor of Kotor


Vladimir Jokić was born on 24th January 1988 in Kotor, where he completed  Elementary School and Gymnasium, both with honours. He graduated from the Law  School of Belgrade University, at the Theoretical Law Department. He speaks English,  but he can also communicate in Italian. He attended several seminars, conferences  and professional events. He was one of the organizers of the seminar entitled “Job  Opportunity” held in October 2017. He underwent training and apprenticeship with  “Ernst&Young“ in Belgrade in 2012, being involved in the activities related to labour,  commercial and fiscal law. In the period from 2010 to 2014, he worked as a lawyer  associate with “Petković” Law Office in Belgrade, where he specialized for the area of  commercial and sport law. In 2014, he carries out law-related activities with the  accounting agency “Jokić 4V” DOO from Kotor. As of 2012, he has been a co-owner of  the “ABPM Sport Agency” DOO from Belgrade, company offering consulting services  in the area of sport, law and economy and develops Internet start-up projects. He  acted as a Co-Chair to UNESCO International Coordination Group. In the period from  2017 to 2019, he held the office of the Mayor of Kotor for the first time. He is the  President of the Municipal Board of “Democratic Montenegro” – Kotor, member to  the Main Board of “Democratic Montenegro” and a member of the Presidency of  “Democratic Montenegro”.

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