Balkan Cities Network


This declaration was finalized by the participating mayors and municipality representatives after the fırst B40 – Balkan Cities Network kickoff meeting hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on 29-30 November 2021.

We, as the leaders of the local governments of the participating Balkan cities and the founders of the B40 – Balkan Cities Network;

  • Being aware of the potential that sustainable development and peace present for the cities in our region,
  • With a shared vision for a European future,
  • Aspiring to establish a fruitful cooperation in areas of common interest,
  • Knowing that climate change and other global challenges we face requires working together towards common solutions at local, regional and global level,
  • Recognizing that good governance requires a resilient, democratic, transparent, and inclusive local governance, based on data, science and shared wisdom for future cities,
  • Emphasizing the critical importance of the localization of the New Urban Agenda and other international agreements and plans, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals,

Under the framework of the B40 – Balkan Cities Network, established at the Istanbul Summit, in line with the abovementioned common values, we declare to;

  • Work together through this Network to strengthen the dialogue among our cities,
  • Cooperate in the fields of economy, culture, innovation, sustainability, and solidarity.
  • Develop new areas of cooperation focusing on reversing the effects of the climate change, and strengthening local democracy and good neighborly relations in our region,
  • Evaluate the difficulties encountered at the local and regional levels within the framework of reciprocity and dialogue in common platforms by sharing solutions and good practices with the parties,
  • Contribute to the recommendation development processes for decision makers at all levels,
  • Assist in the planning of the Network meetings and the specification of the meeting agendas in line with the annual priorities to be determined by the Network members and participating in the meetings with Mayors and technical personnel,
  • Host and participate in the Network meetings,
  • Encourage participation of local communities through participatory activities.
  • Provide support to the Network Secretariat.

Date: 30.11.2021

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