Mayor of Durres

Emiriana Sako


Emiriana Sako completed her higher studies in the years 2002-2008 at the  Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Civil Engineering, branch Architecture  – Master of Science In 2011-2012 Sako completed in Rome at the University of  Rome Three, the professional master Housing-new ways of living between  innovation and transformation. Sako has also completed a series of important  trainings such as the one organized by the US Department of State: International  Exchange Alumni, International Visitor Leading Program with focus on – Persons  with different abilities, energy audit organized by Polis University in Tirana, etc. 

Emiriana Sako is an architect by experience with over 12 years of progressive  work contributing in the field of development of the city of Durrës. Sako has  participated in all major projects in Durrës, collaborating with well-known  international studios related to them. She is one of the drafters of the general  local plan and co-designer of some of the largest urban projects in the city. During  these 12 years of work in the Municipality of Durrës, Sako worked in the  Directorate of Territorial Planning and Development, then continued as director  of services, general director of services and then deputy mayor of the  Municipality of Durrës. 

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